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Welcome to Palumbo Services. We have many specialized companies to help make your property its absolute best. Please see a preview of our companies below and let us know how we can help you on your upcoming project!

The Lakeshore Guys know you want your lakefront home or cabin to be a place where things look good and don't break. You want your shoreline to be as tough as possible, but also easy on the eyes. We specialize in riprap shorelines, but offer a full range of services to create your perfect shoreline. The Lakeshore Guys' signature Armored Shoreline is the toughest riprap shoreline money can buy.

Ice Dam Guys® are the top-reviewed ice dam removal company in the U.S. We also are one of the first ice dam removal companies, and – as far as we know – the only national one to this day. We’ve helped homeowners far beyond our native Minnesota – from Spokane to Boston and many points in-between. We'll save your roof from damaging ice dams in a flash.

Fiore Trees™ are hand-forged, metal flower-basket trees inspired by Italian artistry. Each Fiore Tree™ is based on an all-original, patent-pending design, and is created here in the U.S. by Italian-Americans. Make your property come alive with one of these breathtaking pieces of art.

IceDamRemoval.com is your one-stop shop to learn everything about Ice Dams. If you're in need of ice dam removal services, you can contact the Ice Dam Guys from the website. We are the top-reviewed ice dam company in the entire United States.

Whatever happened to the days when being a customer meant something? How many times have you heard someone say “They don’t make them like they used to”? The Landscape Guys make it even better and do it even better “than they used to.” Check out our landscaping services, view photos of our work, and give us a call to go back to a time to when craftmanship, service, and a handshake were made of gold.